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Exercises Exercises Exercises!

At least weekly I see a new client who says to me: “I’ve never had this type of treatment before”, despite having seen one or more Physios previously.

My treatment always involves manual therapy of various methods, principally aimed at increasing the range of movement the body joint involved with the problem.

In my opinion this is a very simple Physiotherapy approach and is very effective.

I’m perplexed at the propensity, especially of more recently trained Physiotherapists, to concentrate their efforts (and treatment time) on demonstrating and instructing exercises to their clients without physically changing a joint with restricted movement.

Now I agree exercises have great value in assisting people to improve and maintain a condition but when I joint is not moving properly manual therapy is much more effective in addressing the problem in my view. 

If your treatment involves lots of exercises and you’re struggling to get better maybe you should call!