Tendonitis, tendonosis, tendonothapthy?

These are common conditions in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. Tendon injuries usually are due to overload. This might be too much load for too long, or might be a change in what load your tendon is used to (eg: sudden change in exercise routine).

Microdamage in the tendon occurs due to the overload stress with resulting local inflammation and swelling. Managed early and properly tendons will often settle quickly. Remember though, tendons are tough and take a long time to complain to the point where we notice them. Similarly they are slow to heal up and need to be managed carefully to avoid them flaring.

Proper assessment should include examination of the neck or back (depending on the tendon) to define any nerve contribution to the tendon problem. Subsequent treatment may involve mobilization of the spine as well as local treatment of the tendon.

While they don't like being overloaded, they love being loaded properly, so exercises which include progressive isometric and eccentic programs are vital. Again, these exercises need to be advised ad managed correctly!